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loose type terminal DJ627-2.8B

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Tin-plated: These terminals have a coating of tin on the surface which helps prevent corrosion and improve conductivity.
Flame-retardant: These terminals are made with a material that is resistant to flames and can help prevent fires.
PVC: PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a type of plastic commonly used in electrical applications due to its durability and fire resistance properties.

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A: Yes, the price is exactly right. You can purchase on line directly, we would send the goods by the express you choose

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What does Loose type terminal refer to? What is the difference from traditional terminals?

A Loose type terminal refers to a type of terminal that connects electrical wires or cables using set screws or clamping mechanisms instead of soldering. The set screws or clamps are used to secure the electrical wire firmly in place, allowing for easy and quick connections without the need for specialized tools.
The main difference between a loose type terminal and a traditional terminal is the method used for connecting the wires. Traditional terminals often require soldering, crimping, or use of other specialized tools to make a secure connection, while loose type terminals can be connected with simple tools such as a screwdriver or pliers.
Another difference is in the reusability aspect. Loose type terminals can be easily disconnected and reused multiple times, whereas traditional terminals usually require cutting or removal of the wire to replace or re-work the connection.

What are the loose type terminal advantages and disadvantages?


1. Ease of Installation
2. Flexibility
3. Cost-effective
4. Space-saving
5. No Special Tools Required


1. Risk of Loose Connections
2. Vulnerable to Vibration
3. Limited Current Capacity
4. Not Suitable for Harsh Environments
5. Regular Maintenance Required


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